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Are you tired of trading time for money, building someone else's dream? Discover the ACN Opportunity, where you can be your own boss and make your own hours, while earning lasting, lucrative residual income.

For some people, ACN is a Plan B, for others, a full-time career. Either way – it's your business!

Get paid!

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  • Simply offer your friends and family the chance to try ACN's products – offering services people need and use every day.
  • Every time they pay their monthly bill, you get paid. That's the power of residual income!
  • Invite others to take part in this amazing business opportunity and you'll not only earn commissions based on your customers, but on their customers too!

Direct selling

ACN operates using one of the oldest and most trusted business models… direct selling. As a proud board member of the Direct Selling Association, ACN allows Independent Business Owners to earn a commission when they acquire customers. When others join your team, you earn commissions on their customers too.

Benefits of direct selling with ACN:

  • Flexibility: Make your own hours
  • Little upfront cost: No overhead or inventory
  • Products: Services people need and use
  • Team environment: You succeed when other people succeed

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The ACN family is made up of thousands of individuals, just like you and me, working together to make their dreams come true through this extraordinary home-based business opportunity.


  • The world's leading direct seller of telecommunications and essential services
  • Operates in 23 countries on four continents

ACN was founded by four entrepreneurs with a shared vision based on a combined lifetime of direct selling experience. Today, that vision sets the standard in direct selling.

Greg Provenzano photo

Greg Provenzano

President and Co-Founder

Greg Provenzano is a born entrepreneur with a successful career in business and network marketing that began in 1984. Today he serves as ACN President, working with the other Co-Founders in setting the overall direction and vision of the company. Greg uses his skills to communicate daily with ACN Independent Business Owners, providing inspiring words and motivational messages to help countless individuals change their lives through ACN's home-based business opportunity.

Greg Provenzano photo

Robert Stevanovski

Chairman and Co-Founder

Robert Stevanovski found success in network marketing in the late 1980s, giving him the vital experience needed to become one of the driving forces behind ACN's formation. Today Robert works closely with the other Co-Founders, playing a vital role in the daily business operations of the company, particularly in the development of its products and its international expansion. In addition to his operational duties, Robert is a distinguished ACN Board Member.

Greg Provenzano photo

Tony Cupisz

Vice President and Co-Founder

Tony Cupisz has worked in direct marketing since 1986, using his knowledge and skills to help found ACN. Today he uses his strong direct selling background to work closely with the field by combining his knowledge and understanding of the industry with his ability to communicate with ACN Independent Business Owners to teach them to be successful. Tony also manages ACN's marketing and training programs.

Greg Provenzano photo

Mike Cupisz

Vice President and Co-Founder

Mike Cupisz built several successful companies prior to founding ACN, giving him extensive knowledge and experience needed to help found the company. Today, Mike devotes much of his time to ACN's international growth and expansion, helping ensure an established ACN presence and successful launch in each new country of operation. Mike also works with ACN's leading Independent Business Owners throughout the world to support them in their businesses. His philosophy: Since there will always be a need for communications, there will always be an opportunity with ACN.


ACN was born in 1993 as a reseller of long distance service, but today ACN has grown to be the world's leading direct seller of telecommunications and essential services, operating in more than 20 countries on four continents.

While a lot has changed in nearly two decades, a few things have stayed constant: ACN's unfaltering commitment to integrity, the Co-Founders' unique vision and ACN's unparalleled business opportunity, enabling people like you and me to discover financial and time freedom through residual income.

Today Integrity Timeline

Our Story Today

Visit ACN's social networking sites to explore the latest ACN happenings.


ACN puts integrity at the forefront of every decision – big or small – to ensure we adhere to the highest ethical standard. Our track record of success is based on building our business the right way. ACN formed its Legal Advisory Committee to further its efforts to support our unfaltering commitment to integrity.


Nearly two decades of innovation and expansion can show you where ACN has been. But more importantly is where ACN's going. No one can be sure of what the future holds, but our hope is the past serves as mere stepping stones to the future.

1993-2003 2004-2007 2008-2010 2011-2012


Whether you're looking to make some part-time money or start a new career… your journey starts here. Whether you're looking to try new services or explore new options for the services you already use… it's only a click away. Whether you've got the answers you need or you still have questions… this is your beginning. Now is the time. This is the place.

Let's get started!

about me

ACN is a family, whether it's your first day…or your thousandth. It's an opportunity that continues to evolve, and its IBOs evolve with it. They are as unique as the customers they serve, offering a global opportunity that's truly within reach.

ACN is both dependent and independent. It's a network, a friend. It's the chance to do something extraordinary. It's my business. I'm the boss. I make the hours. It's time – even freedom. I am ACN. And you can be too.


Through the years, ACN has made history and headlines on primetime television's The Celebrity Apprentice, renowned publications like SUCCESS Magazine, Fortune and INC. Magazine; trusted news sources like USA Today and trade publications like Direct Selling News. To top it off, ACN has been the featured business in Success from Home magazine a record-breaking six consecutive years.


ACN on The Celebrity Apprentice
ACN made an encore appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice in 2011. The two-hour episode featured ACN’s latest video phone, along with ACN's home-based business opportunity.


Success from Home magazine
ACN was featured for the fifth time in the August issue of Success from Home magazine. Dedicating more than 80 percent of its content to ACN, the publication contains ACN's latest company and Co-Founder information, inspiring new success stories from ACN's top-producing IBOs, ACN's latest product information, including ACN's new Video Phone, carrier logos and so much more.
Direct Selling News Ranks ACN #21 in Top 100
In the June 2010 Issue, Direct Selling News ranked ACN #21 on the list of top 100 direct selling companies in the world. This exclusive reprint commemorates ACN's recognition on this distinguished list. Read article
Direct Selling News Spotlights ACN
In the June 2010 issue, Direct Selling News spotlights ACN for its record-setting growth despite a down economy. The article reveals why ACN is a success, covering the Co-Founders’ vision when ACN was founded and how they keep ACN's Opportunity and business fresh by constantly evolving to add new products and services, extending ACN's international reach and staying on the forefront of technology. Read article
The American Business Journal
ACN is profiled in a feature article in the February 2010 issue of The American Business Journal. The article covers ACN's formation in 1993, to becoming an industry leader, to its winning business model and its future plans. Read article
Direct Selling News
The February edition of Direct Selling News features ACN's charitable efforts with the Ronald McDonald House. Read article
Nexera e-News
Nexera ranks ACN #3 on its list of top 25 network marketing companies. Read article


Direct Selling News
In the July/August issue, Direct Selling News spotlights ACN as being honored with the Direct Selling Association’s, “The Success Award”. Presented at the DSA Annual Meeting, the prestigious award was given to ACN in recognition for its “reinvention” – which began with a comprehensive set of new business building tools for ACN Independent Business Owners.
Success from Home magazine
ACN was featured for a fourth time in the June issue of Success from Home magazine. The publication includes brand-new content on ACN's products – including the revolutionary ACN Video Phone – training, company history and more... plus the inspirational success stories of ACN’s top leaders.
Direct Selling News
The March 2009 issue of Direct Selling News features a lengthy feature article detailing ACN and its appearance on "The Celebrity Apprentice" NBC reality TV series.


Direct Selling News
ACN President Greg Provenzano was asked to provide his prospective in the Top Desk article for the May issue titled "Remembering Our Past, Focusing on Our Future."
Success from Home magazine
ACN was featured for a third time in the April 2008 issue of Success from Home magazine. The issue contained new content on the company's history, products, support system and more. Success stories from the top leaders are also included.
Direct Selling News
The March issue includes ACN President Greg Provenzano in the cover story "Products vs. Opportunity", which offers advice to direct selling companies on finding the right balance between their services and recruiting effort.


Success from Home magazine
Once again, ACN is the featured company. The April 2007 issue contains entirely new content on the company’s history, products, support system and more. Plus, success stories from the top leaders are also included.
U.S. Business Review
In May, the magazine known for providing strategies, solutions and best practices for business leaders, interviewed President and Co-Founder Greg Provenzano. The article profiled the successful practices of ACN, declaring that "its innovative direct sales distribution model allows it to seamlessly adapt to trends in the telecommunications industry."
Direct Selling News
The June issue of Direct Selling News, which serves executives in the direct selling industry, featured a spotlight on ACN and its quality services, including Digital Phone Service with video phones and Wireless.
Business Opportunity (French only)
The June/July issue of the Quebec magazine contains an important feature on ACN, detailing the home business opportunity available with profiles of top IBOs in Canada, the company's history, product information and more.
Success from Home magazine
The February issue showcased ACN, with 70% of total content dedicated to the ACN Opportunity.
Smart Business Magazine
Cover Story: Tapping the Network. How ACN built a $500 million company by using a business-unusual approach to selling services direct.

Direct Selling Association ran a series of articles in the Life section and ACN was featured in each.
Fortune Magazine 2004
ACN Co-Founders and leaders are referenced throughout a special section devoted to the direct selling industry and members of the U.S. Direct Selling Association.


Fortune Magazine 2003
ACN Co-Founders and leaders are referenced throughout a special section devoted to the direct selling industry and members of the U.S. Direct Selling Association.
House of Business
The magazine devoted to entrepreneurs, executives and professionals profiled ACN's home-based opportunity and ACN Co-Founders Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz.
Network Marketing Lifestyle
Network Marketing Lifestyle described ACN's fast rise in the telecommunications industry back in 2000. A service-based business plan and well-trained distribution channel paved a path to success.
INC. Magazine
INC Magazine, a publication known for recognizing top performing companies, ranked ACN the 22nd fastest growing company in North America within its first five years in business.


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